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30 Day Drawing Challenge

Thirty opportunities to deviate from whatever it is you’re doing and ignite
your inner awesomeness:

1. Draw something experiencing flight
2. Draw the off-spring of 2 improbable animals
3. Draw an unfit means of travel
4. Draw an unlikely candy
5. Draw a mysterious device
6. Draw a monster performing a mundane task
7. Draw a liquid in motion
8. Draw an outlandish house
9. Draw a science project gone wrong
10. Draw any word as graffiti

11. Draw a favorite character as a zombie
12. Draw a make-believe occupation
13. Draw a horrible monument
14. Draw instructions to a simple task
15. Draw an animal with super power
16. Draw an unlikely pair
17. Draw a treehouse
18. Draw a destructive force
19. Draw a futuristic kitchen appliance
20. Draw an infographic

21. Draw something on fire
22. Draw a famous individual as a vegetable
23. Draw a cutaway (diagram)
24. Draw an historic figure performing a modern job
25. Draw something breaking
26. Draw vegetation consuming something
27. Draw someone as you really see them
28. Draw something that’s fudged together
29. Draw an action scene
30. Draw your own challenge

If you’re lacking inspiration using a few of these might be good to get your design juices flowing.

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